Eric Weinstein: The Mathematician turned Physicist & Economist


I identified with Eric Weinstein so much because of the shared struggles with the educational system.

Why Should You Care?

I started writing these essays and making videos because ideas are the currency of the 21st century. I humbly believe the ideas I share could help others as I pursue my Curiosities.

Favorite Episodes

Eric launched The Portal in June 2019 and less than a year later has created a community of people who want to explore this hidden reality and discover new portals.

Geometrically Unified

I disagree with many of Eric’s views, however, I still consider him a role model because of his love and passion for science. He proposed a theory of everything called Geometric Unity where he tried to explain and combine all physical aspects of the universe.



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Juan David Campolargo

Juan David Campolargo


I do and share “stuff” that makes people more optimistic, ambitious, and curious.