Eric Yuan: The Story of the Zoom Founder


I can’t hear you well and please turn the video on, I can’t see you well. Why don’t we use Zoom?

Why Should You Care?

Eric Yuan’s entrepreneurial spirit is one that we can all admire. Many people think they need to create the next Facebook or the next Amazon to become a billion-dollar company. In other words, they think they need to be super innovative to create something valuable and useful. Zoom isn’t that innovative. Some even argue that is a ripoff of other video conferencing platforms. Do you remember Skype? Well, Zoom is like a Skype 2.0

Favorite Quotes

These three quotes show the three most important angles of Eric Yuan. I chose the most meaningful quotes that highlight his perseverance, hard work, and courage.

  • “The first time I applied for a U.S. visa, I was rejected. I continued to apply again and again over the course of two years and finally received my visa on the ninth try.”
  • “I was absolutely miserable at Cisco. I viewed WebEx as my baby and had no control to impact the customer experience. I voiced my opinion and was always told I was wrong. Why should I even go to the office?”
  • “Although the start-up journey is long and tough, it’s also fun and exciting. Don’t be afraid to start — just go for it!”

We’re Now Connected

I read Eric Yuan’s story on Forbes magazine two years ago, and I was impressed by what Eric achieved moving from China to the U.S.



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